Enklosure is the essence of architecture and interiors. The pillars of Enklosure are material, light and space: Enklosure is the Design and Management practice founded by Simon Stracey.

The core services of Enklosure are:


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
The pillars of Enklosure are material, light and space…

Humble and Decisive


Architecture is neither two nor three dimensional, it is multi dimensional with overlapping professional, financial, social and political facets. There is no such thing as black and white arguments. Every situation is different and as such demands empathy above all. Architecture is a continually evolving conversation between the facets. Enklosure seeks to promote and participate in this conversation. Enklosure is humble and decisive.

Enklosure is humble and decisive…

Broad Experience


Enklosure is based on the principle of encompassing broad experiences: Fine art, Construction, Hospitality, Graphic Design, Recruitment, Client Side & Agency Side.


We offer to the client the experience to design attractive spaces and objects, as well as the experience to manage procurement in a timely and cost effective manner. Having these skills all in house gives confidence to the Client that Project will be balanced and not too heavily biased towards design or procurement.


Broad experiences provides to the Client the ability to consider one problem from a number of perspectives. When you have different view points it is then possible then choose which one is best for looking at the particular problem in hand. The goal is to develop and manage the big picture, so create the possibility to focus on the details effectively.

Enklosure is based on the principle of encompassing broad experiences…

Commit to The Role


The demand of successful architecture is that so many skills are necessary to take an idea from concept to completion. Creativity needs an unlimited environment to produce original ideas, while Procurement demands rigour and critique, both financial and aesthetic. There are clear and different roles that need to be fulfilled. At Enklosure we have the skills to cover these roles in house, we decide which role needs to be fulfilled and when and commit to it.


This is not a case doing different jobs badly a la Jack of All Trades, but being enough of a generalist that you can quantify and qualify the problem at hand, and know when to employ internally or externally a specialist to target specific tasks.


Understand all of the roles and commit to them as they are engaged.

Creativity needs an unlimited environment to produce original ideas…

About Simon Stracey


Simon has experience spanning 13 years in NZ, UK and abroad. He has developed strong Design and Project Management skills within the fast paced world of global retail and hospitality, as well as Commercial and Residential in NZ and the UK.


At school Simon was passionate about art and workshop technology. Prior to University Simon worked as a builders mate and was accepted at Elam School of Fine Art. At University Simon was awarded 1st Class Honours for his Bachelor of Architecture. After graduating in 2002 Simon worked within a Commercial practice as a Graduate and then as a Project Architect.


In 2015 Simon returned to NZ following 10 years abroad. Simon was based in the UK and travelled to many countries working primarily in the fast paced world of Retail and Hospitality. Alongside this Simon worked with private residential clients improving various houses, kitchens and flats. When he wasn’t in the office Simon cycled and swam, painted murals and played records as a DJ.


As a Project Manager in the UK Simon was responsible for all aspects of procurement and delivery. He worked on client side delivering suites of roll-outs across all territories, including: Mexico, Japan, South Africa, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.


He worked on Agency side administering traditional and Construction Management type contracts.


As Designer Simon was responsible for all aspects of Design from Concept to Construction Details, either sole responsibility or directing a team.